At CSLN Group, we take pride in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. From IT support and telecoms to networking, server infrastructure, website design, and Microsoft 365 services, our diverse range of offerings is designed to meet your technological needs.


What sets us apart is our unique approach: all of our staff members operate remotely, granting us the flexibility to extend our exceptional services across numerous locations throughout the UK. This distinctive setup enables us to seamlessly provide our expertise wherever you are.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals who are dedicated to tailoring our services to align perfectly with your requirements. Whether you're seeking reliable IT support, robust networking solutions, efficient telecom services, captivating website development, or any other technology-related assistance, our experts are ready to assist you at every step.


Reach out to us today to discover how we can contribute to your technology objectives and enhance the success of your business with CSLN Group's expert IT solutions.

CSLN Solutions


IT support services are crucial for businesses that depend on technology to operate. CSLN provides services such as troubleshooting, network maintenance, cybersecurity, and data backup and recovery to ensure the efficient functioning of a business's technology infrastructure.


CSLN offer telecoms and internet connectivity services to provide businesses with reliable and fast access to telecommunication networks and the internet. Our services include network infrastructure setup, internet configuration, and support for voice and video communication, ensuring that businesses can communicate effectively while maintaining a secure and high-speed internet connection.


CSLN are experts in networking, and our team will help you design, implement, and manage a robust and secure network infrastructure that meets your business needs. Whether you need help with network security, firewalls, switches, routers, or wireless networks, we have the expertise to help.


CSLN provide on-premise and cloud server infrastructure services to ensure the reliability and security of a business's data and applications. Our services include server setup, maintenance, and security updates, as well as cloud-based solutions such as virtual private servers and cloud storage.


CSLN provides website design services to create user-friendly and visually appealing online experiences for businesses. Our services include custom website design, optimization for search engines, and ongoing maintenance and support to ensure website performance and user satisfaction.


CSLN provide Microsoft 365 services to help businesses install, set up, and migrate to the cloud-based productivity tools. Our services also include support and training to improve collaboration and productivity and provide easy access to data from anywhere with an internet connection.


CSLN provide print management services to optimise a business's print environment for cost savings, efficiency, and security. Our services include device management, print security, and cost control, and we provide ongoing support and maintenance to help businesses manage their printing needs effectively while reducing costs and improving their environmental impact.


CSLN offer expert CCTV installation services for businesses of all sizes. Our customised solutions provide maximum security with top-quality equipment and experienced technicians. Trust us to keep your property safe and secure.


CSLN offer expert IT audit services to help businesses identify and address potential security risks and compliance issues. Trust us to protect your business and enhance your overall security.


At CSLN, we take pride in being your reliable Education IT support partner for primary schools and multi academy trusts (MATs). We are fully aware of the crucial role technology plays in education, and our commitment is to ensure that your school or MAT has access to unparalleled IT support services.

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